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about me

about me


a spark in my life as UX

since the epidemic, i started to think about my life's meaning and passion. when I first read about the idea of designing a better experience and giving people positive feelings. It makes me realize that is highly possible to be a spark in my life, a new path that is very close to my core values.

therefore i started learning UX/UI online courses on my own in late 2021 and finished them in January 2022, and keep proactively learning to make me forward and seeking to take the next career step in UX/UI. 

Hi, I'm Irene

a UX/UI designer obsessed with creating positive and aesthetic experiences. With fintech product design and marketing experience, I know how to structure user research and turn ideas into intuitive designs.

when I am not working...

i love reading, music, and jogging, and have been obsessed with cooking healthy food recently.


also, i love walking in nature and slowing down to fully experience life which keeps me energized and has more time to reflect.

if you are interested in collaborating or just wanna say hi,

feel free to contact me through any of links blew.

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